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Below you will find the most important items concerning the 4th edition of the 4allTeX CD-ROMs.


The first 4allTeX CD-ROM was introduced on June 9th 1994 at the 13th local NTG (Dutch TeX Users Group) meeting in the Netherlands. Within 3 months all 600 copies were sold (all over the world) and the NTG decided to make a second edition that was introduced on September 15th. On this second edition NTG puts an extra 130 Mb in addition to the first release. In march 1995 the NTG sold the last copy of the second edition (i.e. 850 copies of the second release were sold). The a third edition appeared in July 1995. It was a double cdrom that sold over 4000 copies. Now the NTG is proud to present the fourth edition! Again a double cdrom, even more complete than before.


4TEX is based on the famous, fast, and well-known emTeX distribution. Besides that, the 4allTeX (yes for all!) CD-ROM contains all related software as available as of the december 1997.

The 4allTeX CD-ROMs contain even more than that!!!

Hard disk requirement for running 4TEX (processing all your documents):
around 100 kilobytes!

The 4allTeX CD-ROM was the first ready-to-use MS-DOS full TeX implementation and is still unchallenged.

It includes a huge set of documentation (and it also works under Linux, OS/2 (in a DOS box -- tip: set DPMI to 6) and Windows (in a DOS box). When running on Windows 95 or Windows NT it will be even more powerful because it can run Windows programs concurrently, e.g. a Windows editor or DVI viewer.

The 4allTeX CD-ROM contains a unique set of TeX and LaTeX software for both MS-DOS and non MS-DOS users!

Unbelievable but true!

Computer system requirements

The ready-to-use 4TEX system is available for PC's running MS-DOS, MS-Windows 3.x, MS-Windows 95, MS-Windows NT (3.51 or higher) or OS/2. The cpu must be a 80386 or higher. 4 megabytes of memory is recommended. However, the major part of the software on the 4allTeX CD-ROM is system independent.

Further you need:
* a hard disk/diskette drive of 100 kilobyes (yes: 100.000 bytes), or more...,
* a CD-ROM drive (of course),
* any printer.

How to install

The 4TEX system on the 4allTeX CD-ROM can be installed within one minute (!) and the first TeX example can be previewed and printed within the next 10-20 seconds.
After an installation of the CD-ROM, i.e. after running the installation program INSTALL one can start 4TEX by typing

    4tex sample

The new installation program also supports installing a customized subset of the 4TEX system on a hard disk (in case you want to speed things up, or use other CD-ROMs at the same time).

How to order the 4allTeX CD-ROM-ROM from a TeX user group

There could be a possibility that Local User Groups (LUGs) are also (re)selling the 4allTeX CD-ROM. So please contact your local LUG first!

The NTG is selling the 4allTeX CD-ROM directly to all LUGs for bookstore pricing. This means that LUGs/TUG are probably the quickest and cheapest way to order.

Please see the dealer list and the order form for details.

For all comments, questions etc. please contact the NTG:

PO Box 394
1740 AJ Schagen
The Netherlands
NTG board e-mail: ntg@ntg.nl
NTG 4allTeX distribution e-mail: 4texcd@ntg.nl

4TEX discussion list support

Yes there is already a lot of 4TEX support using the world-wide 4TEX discussion list.

How to subscribe? Send the one line message:

    subscribe 4tex your_personal_name
to the listserv manager listserv@nic.surfnet.nl. How to use? Send your questions/bugs/remarks/suggestions to 4tex@nic.surfnet.nl

How to retrieve old e-mails? All discussions will be archived. In order to receive a list of all archived files, send the one-line message:

    index 4TEX
to the listserv manager listserv@nic.surfnet.nl.

In order to retrieve one of the monthly archieved e-mail file, send the one-line message (for month 05 in year 94):

    get 4TEX log9405
to the listserv manager listserv@nic.surfnet.nl.

The 4TEX authors Wietse Dol and Erik Frambach are monitoring this fast growing 4TEX list! For very specific requests/questions use the 4TeX support address

4TEX discussion list e-mails can also be found on the 4allTeX CD-ROM.

The 4TEX manual

The price of the 4TEX manual only (without the 4allTeX CD-ROM) is:
In Holland/Belgium: NLG 20 (including shipping).
Other countries: USD 15 (including shipping).

Electronic versions of the manual are on the CD-ROM itself and here, too:

4allTeX ftp availability

On anonymous ftp-site ftp://4tex.ntg.nl/ you will find:

Latest update

Just a quick list of the additions in 4TEX version 4.71 compared to the earlier release 3.27:

Future improvements

Of course 4TEX is continuously under development. In a next release you can expect e.g.:

If some essential packages and/or files are missing on the 4allTeX CD-ROM, please contact the authors.

For more information, please contact

Dutch language oriented
TeX Users Group (NTG)
NTG board: ntg@ntg.nl

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