4TeX mailing list

The 4TeX mailing list is set up for 4TeX users who want to discuss features, bugs, techniques and other issues concerning the use of 4TeX. New developments in 4TeX are also discussed and announced here. Conversations are in English. Currently over 250 4TeX users from 36 different countries have subscribed.
Important note: this list is NOT the right place to ask questions about TeX, LaTeX, macros, etc., only about 4TeX.


You can subscribe to the mailing list by sending an email message to listserv@nic.surfnet.nl in which you write the following line:

subscribe 4tex Firstname Lastname

where Firstname Lastname represents your real name. The list server will respond to your request and it will tell you all the details about its usage.

You can also subscribe by using the online subscription form.

Sending messages to the mailing list

Once you have subscribed to the mailing list you are authorized to send messages, and you will receive all messages sent by others. You should send messages to 4tex@nic.surfnet.nl. Don't forget to specify a meaningful subject. And please do not send commercial messages or other spam, or you will be removed from the list.
Note that only people who are subscribed to the mailing list can send messages to it.


You can unsubscribe by sending a message to listserv@nic.surfnet.nl in which you write:

unsubscribe 4tex

You can also unsubscribe by using the online subscription form.


Messages sent to the 4TeX mailing list are automatically archived. You can review or search them from the Listserv 4TeX archive pages.

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