4TeX news

2 September 1999
An update of 4TEX.EXE version 5 that fixes a problem with running BibTeX is now available.
6 Augustus 1999
The file listings of both 4allTeX version 5 cdroms are now searchable.
15 July 1999
Pricing of 4allTeX version 5 cdroms and manual has changed.
Errata to the 4TeX for Windows manual are now available, and you can submit error reports.
18 June 1999
4TeX version 5 cdroms and manual can now be ordered. Shipping will start in about two weeks. Version 4 is also still available.
17 June 1999
You can now search the 4allTeX site. A guestbook is now also available.
16 June 1999
A list of Frequently Asked Questions on 4TeX 5.0 is now available.
10 June 1999
All 4TeX 5 documentation is now online.
15 Feb 1999
On 13 March 1999 a workshop on 4TeX 5.0 will be held at the University of Utrecht, The Netherlands. See the announcement for details.
10 Feb 1999
4Spell, the new spell-checker is available.

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